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Who We Are

Sisters Build Network for Girls, Inc. (SBN4G) is a non-profit organization founded in 2018. It was formed for the purpose of building a network of a diverse group of young women to create a sisterhood that empowers and uplifts one another, while building a strong community.  
SBN4G, whose focus is to mentor young girls 11-14 and 15-19 towards leadership and personal development. identifies with the importance of helping young ladies develop their leadership capabilities, promoting positive images of women and imparting a goal for academic excellence.


Mission Statement

A sisterhood of young girls who develop positive relationships, build effective communication skills and embrace self-love throughout their communities and beyond.


We are committed to helping girls, their families, and their communities develop the skills necessary to build bridges and advance academically, emotionally and socially.

Target Population

Girls and young women, ages 11-14 for SBN for Girls book club and 15-19, SBN for Girls Mentoring Group



•       Group Mentoring throughout the community that focus on character education, positive self-identity, self-love, career and academic preparation, social-emotional growth, effective communication and other relevant topics.


•       Workshops that are community based and collaboration with other organizational entities covering socially and culturally relevant topics.


•       Support groups at school-based sites that focus on strengthening coping skills.


•       Access to opportunities – such as trips to museums, colleges, and other settings –  that broaden their knowledge of themselves and the world.


•       Participation in teen empowerment programs, STEM conferences, and workshops and leadership training promoting entrepreneurship, career and workforce readiness.


• Opportunities to network with a wide array of successful individuals


• To support talents in academics, technology, sports and fine arts


• To maintain moral values and personal pride while experiencing the crossroads of 


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